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  • 68 Year Old Mdm. SMITH’s Deep Eye Bags Reduced in Just A Short Time. After Applying “Le Lift Instant Face Lift”

    *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals
  • 74 Year Old Mr. Seah Had Deep Eye Bags For 20 Years… Those Reduces In Just A Short Time With “Le Lift Instant Face Lift”

    *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals

A Spa Owner Was Once Skeptical Till She
Witnessed The FaceLift Miracle Herself...

We know that most people who are reading this initially think the Face Lift Essence won't work for them. We understand.

This is a totally new breakthrough product and it certainly hasn't been accepted into mainstream (yet). The same thing happened with Face Injections. Initially it was considered a "quack" modality.

Our friends were skeptical when we passed them around for them to evaluate. Then we put a little display up in a beauty store in Orchard, leaving the Essences on consignment, not knowing what to expect.

We came back a week later, and they sold out. The spa owner (name withheld) behind the counter was blown away. People were buying them and sending their friends in.

They were using the facelift Essence to remove facial sag, wrinkles eye bags and even dark eye circles... and the Facelift Essence was passing with flying colours.

Here's a testimonial from a once skeptical lady whose friend gave her “Le Lift Instant Face Lift” Essence...

A Comment From A Former Skeptic

‘’ I’m a none non-believer & doubted that this skincare Essence would work. My friend insisted that I tried & gave one“Le Lift” so I could try and see if there is a difference. I told her that I thought this was some kind of trick just to getyou to buy something that wouldn't work.

All I did was apply the Essence under my eye bags and forehead & I was completely shocked to see the difference. In2 short minutes, my wrinkles completely disappeared... and my heavy eye bags and dark circles vanished. Needlessto say I bought 10 boxes of “Le Lift Instant Face” and since been using it everyday.’’

Ivy Lee


*Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals

The Le Lift Promise. Drastically Reduce Signs
Of Aging In Minutes Or Your Money Back

The best proof we have that Le Lift Instant Face Lift Essence works are the hundreds of email testimonials we've received from people all over the world who use it.

I'm sure they were all skeptical at first (that's why we have a 30-day money back policy) and were pleasantly surprised when they see results almost immediately.

  • Comment From A Customer Based in United States



    I was amazed at the instant results of Le Lift! It totally made my eye bags and crows feet disappear! I give this product a 10 out of 10. Definitely recommend Le Lift to all who have eye bags, ugly lines and sagging skin and want to get rid of them quickly and naturally.

    *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals
  • Comment From A Customer Based in Malaysia



    I tried so many products to get rid of my eye bags. But nothing worked. I thought Le Lift will not work on men and my heavy [eye] bags. But it did! My eye bags are gone! Now I look 10 years younger. Thank you Le Lift. I bought many Le Lift to give my family and friends

    *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals

Quick Review: Here’s some of the typical Face
Lift results you get in just minutes

Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and also minimizes lines around the eyes. Le Lift tightens & smoothens sagging & loose skin, wrinkles, fine lines & creases on your neck but also on your face and forehead.

Restores firmness and tone. Le Lift contains glycolic acid, peptides & botanical hyaluronic acid that provides the building blocks for younger looking skin. They work at deeper levels of the skin to help tighten and firm and also restores natural moisture-balance and smoothness to your skin.

Removes dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Look more rested in minutes. Le Lift targets the signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes including dark circles and puffiness.

Shrinks pores and improve texture of the skin. Le Lift reaches down and carries away the thousands of tiny, almost invisible particles of hardening outer skin secretions that would otherwise clog your pores and ruin your complexion.

Diminishes the appearance of age-spots. Le Lift helps improves the appearance of dark spots, discolorations, blotchiness and redness that otherwise can add 10-15 years to your appearance.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals


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  • *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals

  • *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals

  • *Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals


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