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Dr. Clo Sterilisation Stick

Reduced acne/inflammation within a short period of time.


Safeguard your family's health.

What it is: Ward off germs, bacteria and viruses, creating a sterile environment for your loved ones

Why is it special:

  • Special active ingredients that gives the skin a hydration boost, keeping it supple and fresh
  • Nano filter to ensure stable flow of active compounds to ensure 24/7 protection
  • Safe for everyone, including kids, elderly and pets

Good to know: suitable for all ages, deodorising effect, sterilising power, no battery or charging required


Chlorine Dioxide: A powerful compound that can destroy the cell membrane of harmful pathogens, keeping your family safe and protected. 


Dr Clo Sterilisation Stick contains a safe amount of Chlorine Dioxide that has passed strict regulations under WHO, FDA, EU and Korea. It is rated as a Class 1 medical device by WHO. All certifications and test results can be found in the listing photos.


How To Use

Step 1: Hold both ends of stick and bend the glass ampoule in product. Turns dark yellow upon activation.

Step 2: Install in desired location. Replace the stick if colour turns white, or via the recommended number of days listed in Step 3.

Step 3: One stick can sterilise a room size of 10 square meters up to 20 days. Adjust the number of sticks to be used in your home and the duration for change accordingly by proportion.



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200 Gram





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